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Admanic-TRK gathers reliable information and allows you to control the traffic the way you want it!


Our system for flow- and condition creation super easy to use and still powerful!


Flow errors and falsely set parameters can be identified faster and easier in our system. Be on the safe side!


Our extensive user management system allows you to introduce your own structures and workflows. Work the way you want!


Admanic – TRK is a Tracking solution and a part of the Admanic product family. It is designed to get the most out of your traffic in the most precise and reliable way possible.

Our proprietary ad platform accelerates campaign performance via a brand-new approach and & sophisticated solutions combining real-time tracking data and business intelligence. Admanic-TRK brings the most cost effective results for ad campaigns. It’s the most beneficial approach for all our advertisers and media partners.

Advertisers, Publishers and entire Agencies worldwide profit from our software solutions, fraud protection and expertise.

Our dedicated team provides our customers with a complete 24/7 service to reach significant results through professional engagement and interaction between media, creative design, technology and customer care.

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Admanic provides rich creative formats. Finest media placements are delivered through our advanced technology platform and backed by quality guarantees. Admanic’s industry-leading formats are designed to leave a lasting impression on desktops and mobile users.


Control who is being directed to which campaign and offer. Thanks to our reliable, transparent and comfortable to use tools you are in perfect control of the traffic.


Our flow-creation and editing system allows the intuitive creation of flows that are easy to read and understand.


Identify errors in the flow directly with just one look. An easy to use system ensures that flow-breaks and errors can be identified and fixed quickly.



Creating a flow that determines to what page the visitor is lead to can be tricky, But not with Admanic-TRK! We have created an intuitive way to create flows which is super clear and transparent. Errors can easily be identified and fixed in a matter of seconds while the creation feels as fluent and comfortable as never before!



We at Admanic believe that tools are made to suit the needs of a team instead of requiring the team to adapt to the tools’ structure. Therefor we created a user management system that allows you to establish your own structures and workflows. Create your own access groups or define rights for individual users. Admanic-TRK provides you with all you need to make it your optimal tool!


Admanic-TRK is built to be especially transparent and user-friendly. Our reporting tools and statistics cover all information that you need to track your progress and success!


As all Admanic products, Admanic – TRK was built to work well with other solutions of the product family. The information gathered by Admanic-TRK can fuel your other endeavors and boost your success!

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