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Display Marketing

With Admanic all your worldwide inventory will be monetized and all markets covered. Our experience makes sure of that.

Mobile Marketing

Partnering with Admanic brings you premium media, quality users and maximizes your ROI.

Video Advertising

Our cutting-edge video ad solutions guarantee high volumes of quality traffic, brand safety and worldwide coverage.

Ad Serving / Optimization

Enjoy both standard and exclusive ad formats for all devices and screen sizes. We ensure the most accurate targeting.


Admanic is an advertising agency with sophisticated marketing solutions. Our mission is to deliver maximum results to our advertising and media partners.

We accomplish this by offering brands and agencies worldwide a single multi-channel gateway to operate web, mobile and online video campaigns.

Advertisers, Publishers and entire Agencies worldwide profit from our software solutions, fraud protection and expertise.

Our dedicated team provides our customers with a complete 24/7 service to reach significant results through professional engagement and interaction between media, creative design, technology and customer care.

Our partners

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Admanic provides rich creative formats. Best-in-class media placements are delivered through our advanced technology platform and backed by quality guarantees. Admanic’s industry-leading formats are designed to leave a lasting impression on desktop and mobile devices.

ROI Oriented Actions

Boost your profits and campaign results with global traffic sources.


Use traditional or brand new ad formats to reach your goals as fast and efficiently as possible.

Fraud Prevention

Admanic only works with proven publishers and combined with our in-house tracking solution, we prevent fraud right from the start.


Our products are designed to cover all aspects of the online advertisement market. This makes them the perfect tool for agencies of all kind to maximize their potential. Be it on the side of DSP, SSP or both.


Manage several Advertisers in your own structure. Our statistic tools ensure that you always keep track of each individual Advertiser’s performance.


Access all information of your advertiser directly. Our “Agency Mode” of Admanic-DSP allows you to even take over the perspective of your Advertisers.


Our PayPal prepayment system ensures that you will be in the red. Thanks to our rev-share basis you don’t have to fear any fees.



You want to make sure that your campaigns not only referred to as often as possible but also that the right people are being redirected to them to ensure a high lead-conversion. Our tools allow you to set every tiny detail during the campaign creation process to ensure that your campaign is served to your specific target group.


Innovative DSP Solution

Advertising has the power to influence consumer emotion, shift consumer perception, and ultimately drive consumer action. The Admanic DSP (or demand side platform) makes programmatic buying possible — for advertisers, agencies, ad networks, & ATDS. Through our DSP, you’ll access media inventory across all exchanges, SSPs, & publisher


We at Admanic only work with trusted Advertisers and traffic sources. With our experience, our network and our state-of-the-art tools we ensure that our partners remain protected from frauds.


As all Admanic products, Admanic – DSP was built to work well with other solutions of the product family. Use our network of trusted partners and our other great tools to boost your performance even further!

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