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The Smart Link and Network Solution

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Admanic – CSH is powered by an innovative Machine Learning algorithm which brings you the best possible results!

Constantly improving

With more data, the ML algorithm constantly evolves and improves to become even better! Be part of the evolution!

Easy to use

An intuitive UI makes sure that Smart Link creation and domain registration have never been easier!

Full Control

You are in control: Admanic – CSH allows you to also manually define criteria to leave nothing to chance!


Admanic – CSH is a Smart Link solution and a part of the Admanic product family. It is designed to get the best results out of your traffic in the most comfortable way possible.

To accomplish this, we built Admanic – CSH with user-friendliness in mind. We offer an easy to use approach to create and use Smart Links. But we did not stop at an intuitive UI: Admanic – CSH is powered by a Machine Learning algorithm that utilizes gathered user-data to direct users to the best fitting campaigns and offers. Creating Smart Links has never been easier or more efficient!

Advertisers, Publishers and entire Agencies worldwide profit from our software solutions, fraud protection and expertise.

Our dedicated team provides our customers with a complete 24/7 service to reach significant results through professional engagement and interaction between media, creative design, technology and customer care.

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Admanic provides rich creative formats. Finest media placements are delivered through our advanced technology platform and backed by quality guarantees. Admanic’s industry-leading formats are designed to leave a lasting impression on desktop and mobile users.


Smart Links lead traffic only to trusted campaigns. Lean back and let the Machine Learning algorithm do the work.


Set your focus on the right campaigns thanks to Admanic-CSH’s detailed statistics tools, showing you the performance of every campaign the Smart Link referred to.


You can manually create Smart Links that solely focus on a single campaign. Shift traffic directly and maximize your success!



Creating Smart Links can require a lot of effort, especially when many different Links are needed. Our Machine Learning algorithm helps creating Smart Links based on reliable information and detailed statistics to offer optimal results. We at Admanic are constantly improving the algorithms to make it work even better!



Admanic – CSH is built to let the user achieve results fast and in an efficient way. All processes, including the Smart Link creation itself as well as registering a proper domain can be done in a matter of seconds. Having a Smart Link ready and the domain registered is just a few clicks away!


It can be hard to let an ML algorithm take over the details of the Smart Link creation, especially when you have a special Campaign in mind. Admanic – CSH allows the User to focus on user-defined campaigns and offers. That way the user can either let the ML algorithm do the magic or manually intervene when he wants to.


As all Admanic products, Admanic – CSH was built to work well with other solutions of the product family. The ML algorithm of Admanic – CSH utilizes every bit of information to create better results, including the information gathered by other Admanic products. Smart Links have never been more precise!

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