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The App Monitoring Solution

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Monitor all your apps and their performance in just one solution!


Admanic-APP offers you detailed statistics and reporting tools. Identify sweet spots and weaknesses!


Define own funnels and events to compare the apps and their performance with your own workflow!


Admanic-APP gives you all you need to optimize and improve your apps to reach your goals as fast as possible!


Admanic – APP is an app monitoring solution and a part of the Admanic product family. It allows you to supervise and compare all your apps in just one place.

Our app monitoring platform helps you boost your apps’ performance by giving you deep insight into user data and behavior. Define your own criteria and funnels, supervise your apps in detailed reports and analytics tools. Admanic-APP makes it super easy to optimize your apps and maximize revenue!

Advertisers, Publishers and entire Agencies worldwide profit from our software solutions, fraud protection and expertise.

Our dedicated team provides our customers with a complete 24/7 service to reach significant results through professional engagement and interaction between media, creative design, technology and customer care.

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Admanic provides an easy to use and powerful toolset for app creators and owners. Our adjustable analytics tools deliver the perfect basis for improvements and optimization. Admanic’s tools are designed to make work as easy and comfortable as possible.


Monitor all your apps in just one reliable tool. Compare your apps’ performance directly.


Identify sweet spots and weaknesses with just one look. Our tools give you full transparency.


Create your own funnels and drill downs. Customize the analytics to the degree that you need for the perfect overview.



When handling several apps, comparing them and defining the right KPIs is hard work. Admanic-APP allows you to manage your apps in one place. Compare your apps’ performance, track your users’ engagement and behavior and get the most out of your apps!



Every app is built with a certain purpose in mind and therefor has its own KPIs. Only few standard tools are able to reflect that. Admanic-APP allows you to define your own events and create your own drill downs and funnels. Adjust the reports as you need them!


Admanic-APP is built to give you the full information that you need in order to compare, optimize and improve your apps’ performance. Our extensive analytics tools leave no wish unfulfilled and give you what you need to start tweaking at your heart’s desire!


Finding the right Advertisers for your in-app ads can be hard. You want to make sure that your users are served with the right apps to draw their attention. The information gathered by Admanic-APP will help you find the right partners, especially when used in combination with other Admanic products and the Admanic Network!

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