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Our software solutions are designed to serve all aspects of the online marketing world!

Technological Advantage

All our products use cutting-edge technology. Gain the advantage over your competitors!

World-wide coverage

Unlock your full marketing potential with global engagement on all devices!


We at Admanic believe in our products: Your success is our success! All products can be used on a rev-share-basis!


Admanic is an advertising agency with sophisticated marketing solutions. Our mission is to deliver maximum results to our advertising and media partners.

To accomplish this, we have built a product family that is designed to serve all aspects of online advertising in one hand. Together with our strong network, we provide you the ultimate tool to your success!

Advertisers, Publishers and entire Agencies worldwide profit from our software solutions, fraud protection and expertise.

Our dedicated team provides our customers with a complete 24/7 service to reach significant results through professional engagement and interaction between media, creative design, technology and customer care.

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Admanic provides rich creative formats. Finest media placements are delivered through our advanced technology platform and backed by quality guarantees. Admanic’s industry-leading formats are designed to leave a lasting impression on desktops and mobile users.


Market your products and services to targeted audience and pay only when you get paid.


You gain maximum reach via our global publisher network with a wide variety of publishing models.


Determine your commission model and track your performance.


The team of Admanic has years of experience in digital content creation and distribution. We bring quality campaigns to your website as we only cooperate with brand safe advertisers. Admanic offers transparent ranking and feedback through constant communication with our advertising partners.


Display ads on your website and earn money for generating sales and leads.


You benefit from our global network of high-quality brands and attractive promotions.


Our statistics enable you to track and improve your performance.


Our products are designed to cover all aspects of the online advertisement market. This makes them the perfect tool for agencies of all kind to maximize their potential. Be it on the side of DSP, SSP or both.


Introduce your own workflows and structures to our software and get the best out of them.


Keep track of your partners’ and employees’ performance thanks to our reliable and precise reporting tools.


Our team is available 24/7 and dedicated to your success. If you have special needs or wishes, don’t hesitate to contact our staff.



Our proprietary ad platform accelerates campaign performance via a brand-new approach and sophisticated solutions combining real-time tracking data and business intelligence. Admanic brings the most cost effective results for ad campaigns. It is the most beneficial approach for all our advertisers and media partners.



Advertising has the power to influence consumer emotion, shift consumer perception, and ultimately drive consumer action. The Admanic DSP (or demand side platform) makes programmatic buying possible — for advertisers, agencies, ad networks and ATDS. Through our DSP, you will access media inventory across all exchanges, SSPs, & publisher


Our Smart link solution is powered by an innovative and reliable Machine Learning algorithm which uses gathered user-data to direct users to the best possible site. The algorithms constantly evolve with our products leading to even better results. Traffic generation and control has never been easier or more precise!


We at Admanic offer you the best platform to monitor all your apps. With reliable and fully customizable reports you get the full information about your users’ activity, progress and engagement as well as your own defined KPIs. There is no better way to increase your app’s performance!

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